Friday, November 28, 2008

Taking stock ... of what some might call a hectic year

It's the end of the year...and somehow, my mind can't reconcile everything that has happened.  It seems like it is in a freeze mind where it only vividly remembers yesterday and everything else seems to have happened aaaages ago...

This might be partially why I am having such a difficult time with acceptance... because I don't see everything in perspective or that too much has happened too close to each other...

I feel that before I head on into 2009, I need to reconcile 2008 and get the facts straight, lest 2009 ... God forbid ... turns out to be just as hectick and causes even further mushy brainliness ... so here goes ...  (Heck, I hope I recall everything )

-  In the beginning of the year, I had wrist pains that the doctors could not figure out.  They initially figured it to be a "Ganglier", but couldn't find anything on X-Rays.

-  I was sent for physio, which just basically brought up more problems like the fact that my left shoulder and left side of my neck was in spasmism and spent a couple of months being stuck with acu-needles, probed massaged and generally "wringed out" from the head down.

-  Later in the year, I could not take the pain in my wrists any more, so I went to a new doctor close to work and he subsequently diagnosed me with Marfan's Syndrome and loss of cartlidge due to Osteo-Arthritis in my wrists, curtosy of the Marfan's.

-  I had my first major vehicle accident of the year, leaving me without a car for over two months.

- I had another minor incedent with my mom's car the following day

-  A cardiologist confirmed Mitral-Valve Prolapse with regurgetation and risk of aortic rupture, due to the Marfan's and I was placed on beta-blockers.

- Got diagnosed with flat feet due to collapsed arches curtosy of lax legiments in my feet thanks to the Marfan's, which required me to wear orthotic inserts in my shoes.

-  I had a severe Kidney-Stone of 5mm, which had to be removed surgically

-  I landed in ICU due to breathing and chest pains when coming out of theatre for the kidney stone and was labled a cardiac-risk which meant no pian/sleeping tablets for the duration of my stay in ICU.

- Had an absess in one of my teeth that had to be removed.

- I started getting increased problems with light sensitivity and after images, for which I went to an Opthalmologist

- I almost landed in ICU again during a Brain MRI for the cause of the after images

- Wound up at a Neurologist whom could only say that the after images is "Palinopsia" from an unknown cause, most likely being a cross-over between migraine's and seizures

- A month after getting my car back from the shop, I had another major accident ... in which I wrote my car off

- I lost my pet hamster due to old-age

- During a six monthly visit to my cardiologist, they found I also had an Aortic Valve prolapse with regurge.

- My home pc's screen-card blew

- Our one dog was diagnosed with spinal problems due to old-age

And now, I am closing off the year, with 

- Increasing instability in my right shoulder, which they don't know wether exercise will help work to avoid surgery.

- My home pc's power supply blew, taking the DVD-Drive with it

On top of all of this, I had numerous bouts of inflammation, pain, depression etc... as well as my medical-aid being depleted since April.

Hmmm...doesn't seem all that bad...does it?  No, it's not all that bad, seeing as I am still alive...

This year, I am selebrating new-years ... not because of the coming of the new year, but because of the ending of the old...

Here's to a more subdued and happy 2009 to all!


  1. That is indeed an unsatisfying year, but, as you say, you are alive at the end of it. May next year make up for all the difficulties of this one.

  2. Drake,

    You have indeed had an annus horribilis, as Queen Elizabeth II might say. I have had a few of those myself -My worst ones seem to go from summer to summer and have a 7 in them: 1997-1998 and 2006-2007.

    But in-between times I have had some great years and some great stuff happen. Please don't think that one bad year is the start of a downturn, It may just be a blip on an upward trend.