Friday, December 5, 2008

Brace yourselves!

Well, this is just a quick notification that I got my shoulder-brace today.  It's amasing how much of a difference this thing makes!  My shoulder doesn't feel loose while wearing it and it's a definate keeper untill the Biokineticis can figure out wether the exercises are working or wether I need to get it surgically sorted.

The one issue with it tho, is watch the nerves!  It's placement was a bit off at one stage and the band around my chest ended up pinching a nerve-bundle under my left arm...YIIIKES!  It felt like I had a nest of hornets on my left shoulder for about 15 min's.  That was not nice at all.

On other fronts...  I had to deal with one of those iffy situations last night...  We had our christmas party and I had to slink out by about 6pm, trying to explain to everyone that even though I didn't have a single drop of alcahol, I was totally wasted and that my whole body was in agony.  The rest stayed on till ten...ugh.  That's just one of those things and it doesn't bug me too much.  It's just the getting the third-degree from my co-workers that sucked as they thought I was just trying to ditch the party while in the meantime I had to drive home while in serious pain and suffering seriously bad fatigue which was almost just as bad as someone driving drunk.

At any rate, my body is giving me uphill today but hopefully it will settle down by the weekend.


  1. I'm glad that your shoulder brace is working out well. Maybe it will be a longish solution for you, always there for when you need it.

    I forget that you are having summer, and that that means you can't plead winter ills and go home. Around here, nearly everyone is sick with one thing or the other, and this is the case each December. It makes getting out of social situations easy, a xmas gift I had never really been thankful for previously.

  2. Oh, good! I'm glad you've gotten the brace & it's working well. Hopefully you won't have those hornets again.

    I always plead migraine when I need to leave due to any medical malady. People can understand migraine.